DIY How to Make or “Spin” Your Own Halloween Cobwebs

October 24, 2014

Halloween is such a fun time to decorate and here at Studio Bloom we like to stay on top of all the decorating trends.  And the trend seems to be that we are getting more and more sophisticated and elaborate every Halloween.  Now, many decorators are no longer satisfied with the old cotton ball spider webs and are searching for that real spooky abandoned haunted house look.


If you are one of these decorators, search no more. You too can create authentic-looking cobwebs on your Halloween decorations and arrangements and you don’t even need to try to train any spiders. It may seem like a “d’haunting” task but these hot-glue Halloween cobwebs are incredibly easy to make and amazingly realistic-looking.


You will need:

Hot glue pan

Styrofoam or dry floral foam


Decoration or arrangement

Step 1: Melt the Glue

Melt glue sticks in a hot glue pan. This will take a few minutes.


Step 2: Cut the Blocks

Cut two 11/2 x2 inch blocks from the styrofoam block and make sure they are a good size and easy for you to hold.


Step 3: Get Ready to Spin Your Web!

Place your decoration or arrangement close to your glue pan because you will need to move quickly once you start. Dip your blocks into the pan, touch them together and pull apart to make the web. Now move the blocks with the strands of glue around your decoration or arrangement to “spin” a web on it and around it.

Step 4

Add a spider if you like!

You can make as many cobwebs as you like and once you make a few you will quickly get a feel for how much glue to use. If you use too much, just pull of the strands of web off until you get the look you want. It’s also a lot of fun so you might want to plan to “spin” webs on lots of things. They are perfect for your Halloween displays, floral arrangements, pumpkins, anything!

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