If you have a reason to send flowers, we will create something unique to express the message you'd like to convey. We always have a great selection in the cooler just in case you need a few blooms for yourself as well.

Studio Bloom Gives Back

Non-Profit Groups and Event Planners.


This section is for you!


We get many requests for donations of floral arrangements throughout the year. We have found a great way to support as many of the fantastic causes in Edmonton as we can. 

Here's how it works:

Each month, we will work with one non-profit organization to create a design for their fundraising event. The budget provided by the organization will be matched by Studio Bloom. For instance, if there is $20 per table in the budget for flowers, we'll provide a $40 design.  

Please call for more specific info.

Corporate Standing Orders

Boutiques, Offices and

Small Business Owners.


This section is for you!


Fresh flowers delivered to your business every week? Absolutely! We take care of it all. We'll deliver and set up the new arrangement and take away the old one. We'll clean and store your containers so that we can rotate them from week to week. You only pay for the flowers and we'll send you an invoice once a month. If you've been to the Duchess Bakeshop you've seen our work on display. 

Please call to arrange your standing order.  

Everyday and Seasonal

A thank you gift for your neighbour who fed the cats, a new baby in the family or something special for Mom, just because. Let us create something lovely for your occasion.


Sympathy flowers are some of the most important orders we take. We sincerely want to help you select the appropriate combination of blooms to express a little bit about the loved one who has been lost.

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